(PECL win32service SVN)

win32_start_serviceInicia un servicio


int win32_start_service ( string $servicename [, string $machine ] )

Intenta iniciar un servicio con nombre. Normalmente requiere privilegios administrativos.



El nombre corto del servicio.


El nombre opcional de la máquina. Si se omite, será usada la máquina local.

Valores devueltos

Devuelve WIN32_NO_ERROR en caso de éxito, FALSE si hay un problema con los parámetros o Código de error Win32 en caso de error.

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gunday at poczta dot onet dot pl
11 years ago
If you get a 1053 error when trying to launch your service, check your service script for errors!

E.g. if you have some syntax errors, the service will attempt to run the php interpreter, but the script won't answer to the service manager with

Don't think it is because the call comes to late. It just never came, because there were errors. Test your services with CLI php and then try to run the service.
edo888 at gmail dot com
8 years ago
[This] can solve 1053 issue.
You just need to add " if you have spaces in your path...

'service' => 'COMPLAINTS',                 # the name of your service
'display' => 'Receive email complaints and direct them to the website', # description
'params' => '"' . __FILE__ . '"' . ' run', # path to the script and parameters
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